Amathyst73 (amathyst73) wrote in uea,

wierd question

Does anyone know what the Mad Moose (just off Unthank Road) was called before it was the Mad Moose? It changed its name about 6 years ago.

Thanks Sam x

X posted to ease my troubled mind.
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I started as a student in 2000 and it was the Mad Moose then.

Just asked my hubby who was a fresher in '97 and he has always known it to be the Mad Moose.

Sorry cant help you.
Whereabouts exactly just off Unthank Road? I was around Norwich between 1984-88 and hung round the general Norfolk area till 94. (Went back in 2007 and it surprised me just how many old familiar boozers had changed their names, it was quite disheartening). If you can give me a street name or other pointer, it might fire a neuron or two to stir round the ld boozing memries.
I knew it as the Warwick Arms, which is logical, as it's on the Warwick Road, but too many pubs i recall from 1984-90 have been renamed or taken over by those wanky pub/crap food chains. Really got me going "grrr" on a recent visit back... i mean, even the Louis Marchesi, for god's sake!