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18th November, 2010. 12:39 am. hi(alysasherwood)

hello there!! are you bored like me? :( I think you want to know that Candi_Cruz is now live on dirtystage watch it now or try it later

12th July, 2009. 7:24 pm. Getting to Know New People(nicky_ji)

Hi. I think it would be nice if people at UEA on Facebook (current students or new ones) got to know each other better. Leave a comment saying a bit about yourself, and hopefully we will all make a new friends or two!

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12th July, 2009. 7:21 pm. Sports Clubs(nicky_ji)

Last year I joined archery. I plan to join again this year, but would also like to join another sports club. Any that are particularly good?

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12th August, 2008. 2:14 pm. Books for sale(lil_starry1)

Not sure if this is allowed? If not, please remove.. Some of these were coursebooks so I thought they may prove useful to someone?

This is just the top of a very big iceberg!
All books are in perfect condition (unless stated). All are priced but DO make offers, I will only charge what the Royal Mail do for postage and won't charge for packaging/time etc ;) If you're heading back to the UEA in September I will happily hold them and deliver them rather than pay postage :) There will be more...!!

Books for saleCollapse )

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2nd July, 2008. 11:59 am. Freshers flu cures and tips(dum_penguin)

Right I'm counting on people getting on here at some point today and being able to help!

I'm writing a short piece on Freshers flu remedies for a student mag and I need you to give me all the rumoured cures and actual cures you've heard about. And I have to have written this and finished today (2/7) so the sooner you can post the better! Thanks!

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17th March, 2008. 11:53 pm. any space for old farts of a previous era?(agprov)

I'm asking as I feel like the oldest person on LJ - at the dinosaur-like age of 45 - and graduated from UEA in 1988. Is there any space here for an old fart from EAS to wander aimlessly on, ruminate about the good old days for a while, and then wander off again? Who knows, I might even be able to answer the tricky questions, like "what was this pub on Magdalen Street previously known as?"

Cheers all


Current mood: busy.

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29th December, 2007. 11:48 pm. Fanfiction at UEA!(zenalee)

I've just set up a facebook group called "Fanfiction at UEA"  (search and it will come up)

So if you read or write fic, and you're a UEA student please join and invite others!

We may even be able to start a society if enough people show an interest :)

even RPS monkeys are welcome hehe ;)

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25th September, 2007. 9:35 am. Deviate In The City Again(extolment)

We're at it again! Come down and join us for some quality music and mischief-making. And if you're new on campus or just want to start the night early, we are running a pubcrawl too. Meet up in the Union Bar at seven because we'll be leaving from the bus stop at half seven. Just look for the crowd of misfits in black. And probably a loud Canadian.

Sorry, but x-posted for maximum publicity.

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29th July, 2007. 8:32 pm. Special Burlesque Performances in Norwich(limitedaudience)

For those still in Norwich, Achtung! Fetish Celebration on Saturday 11th August is being run by ex student Frank Reding, who was originally from Luxembourg and went on to work in London after graduating. But Frank has since returned to Norwich, and married a Norfolk lass, and together they are hosting this event.

This event is going to feature performances by burlesque stars Beatrix von Bourbon and Millie Dollar, and DJing by Mz_Pink, Mikki, and Frank.
The room will feature "decorations" as suitable to such an event. These "decorations" will ensure that no inkling of boredom will ever creep into the night.

This is the chance in Norwich to really dress over the top, all in a safe environment (we will have bouncers looking after our guests).

For more information, as well as links to our performers' sites, please visit http://www.achtung-fetish-celebration.co.uk, where you can also subscribe to our mailing list, or to our RSS news feed.

Please note that at this stage this is a one-off event. The success of this night will determine whether we'll plunge into the costly depths of this sort of undertaking again, so please tell all your friends!

Other places to find us:


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8th July, 2007. 10:01 pm. wierd question(amathyst73)

Does anyone know what the Mad Moose (just off Unthank Road) was called before it was the Mad Moose? It changed its name about 6 years ago.

Thanks Sam x

X posted to ease my troubled mind.

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